Since 2018 The Lake Raponda Association has partnered with the state, the Town of Wilmington and Windham County Natural Resources Conservation District in a state grant to fund the Greeter program.

The Lake Raponda Greeter Program helps protect the Lake from the infestation of invasive plants and animals like watermilfoil, water chestnuts, and zebra mussels. In this effort, paid and volunteer greeters complete hundreds of boat and trailer inspections through the summer at the state-owned boat launch at the north end of the lake. Please consider being a volunteer greeter.  For more information, contact Bob Brody. The greeter schedule is here.


In addition to the completing visual inspections, greeters collect valuable information about watercraft traffic.
  • Over 90% are non-motorized.
  • Over 80% use Lake¬† Raponda almost exclusively.


Lake Raponda is truly a neighbor lake used primarily by kayakers, paddle boarders, and canoeists. Most of the motorized boat traffic occurs following fish stocking by the state in spring and early summer.

2021 Summary Report

2020 Summary Report

Vermont Aquatic Inasive Species Law: Act 67