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Wilmington Trails

There are excellent walking trails near Lake Raponda and you’ll find maps in several formats here. These trail maps also show loops and hikes nearby. Different maps are available for viewing, printing, or geo-location on your phone.

There’s a self-guided tree walk along the Town Forest Loop. Just walk up from the parking lot near Green Mountain Beach.

These trails are maintained by the Wilmington Trail Committee. Friends of the Wilmington Trails help with occasional work bees, publicity, and other supportive tasks. To learn more or to join the friends mailing list, send an email to

Hogback Mountain Trails

The Hogback Mountain Conservation Association has many hiking trails nearby and maps of their trails are available in several formats.

Molly Stark State Park Trails

The Molly Stark State Park has a loop trail to the fire tower atop Mt. Olga. Its map is available in these formats:

  • Paper map: Pick one up at the park office
  • PDF map: You can view this map on a computer or phone and also print it.

Valley Trail

The Valley Trail connects Wilmington and West Dover.  Its map is available in several formats: