Background of the Reclassification Discussion

At the July 11, 2021 LRA meeting, the opportunity was presented for Lake Raponda to achieve a reclassification to A1 water quality level by the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC).  A summary of the reclassification can be found in this Statement.

Oliver Pierson, the DEC’s Lakes and Ponds Program Manager, provided two documents regarding lake reclassification which the Lake Raponda Environmental Foundation studied and vetted for several months:

The recording of the August 12 Zoom call with Oliver Pierson and Lake Raponda Association residents is available here. The password is Ma&4GnY0. This call provides background on how the A1 reclassification program would be a good fit for Lake Raponda and addresses questions and concerns from residents and stakeholders.

A1 Reclassification Positives and Negatives is a summary document that also discusses the potential gains as well as addressing concerns raised by residents.


The Committee will spend the fall and winter of 2021/22 developing a survey for Lake Raponda residents to fill out in the spring.  The findings will inform the LRA trustees as to whether or not there is sufficient support to continue pursuing a reclassification of Lake Raponda from a B2 water to an A1 water.  

A1 Committee Members

Andrew Adams
Cecile Baker
Michael Bragg
Bob Brody
Pam Farr
Holly Winger Fortner
Chessia Kelley
Scott Kurtzman
Ann Loughran (chair –
Jack Widness

Additional Resources

  1.  Answers to questions raised by residents of Maidstone Lake which has petitioned for A1 reclassification
  2.  Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation web page on A1 Reclassification of rivers and streams with public comment and DEC’s responses
  3.  Articles related to the impact of climate change and nutrient loading on lakes: